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Carriers - Underwriters

A Carrier Underwriter is a professional that evaluates the risks of insuring a particular organization and uses that information to set premium pricing and coverage terms for insurance policies.

While underwriters use computer programs and actuarial data to determine the likelihood and magnitude of potential losses, experienced judgment about the risks the organization faces factors heavily into premium/pricing decisions. Underwriters consider everything from leadership character and competency, to inherent risks of the business and its industry, to specific initiatives, processes, and policies the organization has in place to reduce the frequency and severity of loss.



Select Superior Risks

You must manage to a portfolio in which you have the best risks within the class of business.

Reduced Overall Risk Profile

ClickSafety helps to lower a client's risk profile, including their Workers Comp experience modifier.

Provide Competitive Pricing

You must be able to compete on price for the best risks in order to increase profit and to avoid adverse selection.

Reduced TCOR

ClickSafety helps lower a client's risk profile and supports a healthy safety culture within an organization. In turn, this creates a more attractive risk profile for the underwriter to put in his/her portfolio.

Achieve Positive Return on Surplus

You need to deploy risk capital efficiently on those initiatives and risks most likely to provide a positive return on surplus.

Single, Central Repository of Safety Reports

ClickSafety lowers training costs, provides comprehensive record-keeping, reduces non-compliance issues - all of which lets you achieve less time devoted to claims management and recordables while dealing with fewer OSHA disruptions.

ClickSafety - A Trusted Safety Partner

ClickSafety has developed and deployed safety solutions to over 10,000 organizations worldwide, including Fortune 100/500 customers, global construction companies and leading technology companies. Here are some of the companies who use our safety solutions.

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