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Electrical Worker Safety Pack (Level 2)

    Electrical Worker Safety Pack (Level 2)

    The presence of electricity and the equipment that it powers is essential to every construction job site. The hazards electricity presents can be vastly dangerous to a workers safety and health. Awareness of OSHA’s electrical standards and proper employee training are vital for every worker with no exceptions.

    Electricity on a job site can pose many hazards that result in injury, time off work, or even death.The sources of these hazards consist, but are not limited to:

    • Unintentional contact with power lines;
    • Lack of ground-fault protection;
    • Improper grounding;
    • Incorrect use of equipment or extension cords;
    • Wet conditions;
    • Damaged tools, and;
    • Exposed electrical parts.

    Courses in this Safety Pack

    The 4 online safety courses in this Level 2 Electrical Worker Safety Training Pack contain almost 2.5 hours of REQUIRED safety training that all Electrical Workers should complete WITHIN 30 DAYS of starting a new job.

    • Control of Hazardous Energies (COHE) (30-min)
    • Working Safely With Electricity (20-min)
    • Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection for Supervisors (30-min)
    • Machine Guarding (60-min)

    Intended Audience

    Every worker who could potentially be exposed to electricity on a job site.

    Course Details

    Control of Hazardous Energies (COHE) (30-min)

    This introductory online safety course covers the recognition and Control of Hazardous Energy, or COHE. OSHA has adopted and enforces the hazardous energies standard, sometimes called Lockout/Tagout or LOTO. The standard requires that employers recognize hazardous energy, evaluate the hazard, adopt control procedures and train all employees who work on or around machines and equipment in a hazardous energy control program.

    Working Safely with Electricity (20-min)

    This online safety course focuses on identifying common electrical hazards by reviewing a number of safe working procedures and inspection processes. In this online training, discover which strategies are used to aid personnel who must work safely with electrical equipment and systems. In addition, we will review OSHA’s electrical safety guidelines and regulations.

    Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection for Supervisors and Managers (30-min)

    This online safety course reviews the 2017 OSHA updates to 29 CFR 1910 Subpart D (specifically, slip, trip, and fall hazards) and Subpart I (personal fal protection). The course includes several important timelines for complying with the new rule.

    Machine Guarding (60-min)

    This intermediate online safety course covers the OSHA Machine Guarding standard as found in 29 CFR 1910, Subpart O. This standard applies to nearly all workplaces in General Industry. Machine Guarding safety covers hand tools, electrical tools and large machinery which may potentially injure workers. This course focuses on the concepts behind safety guards and how to identify whether the guard is being used correctly.

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