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Electrical Worker Safety Pack (Level 3)

    Electrical Worker Safety Pack (Level 3)

    The presence of electricity and the equipment that it powers is essential to every construction job site. The hazards electricity presents can be vastly dangerous to a workers safety and health. Awareness of OSHA’s electrical standards and proper employee training are vital for every worker with no exceptions.

    Electricity on a job site can pose many hazards that result in injury, time off work, or even death.The sources of these hazards consist, but are not limited to:

    • Unintentional contact with power lines;
    • Lack of ground-fault protection;
    • Improper grounding;
    • Incorrect use of equipment or extension cords;
    • Wet conditions;
    • Damaged tools, and;
    • Exposed electrical parts.

    Courses in this Safety Pack

    The 8 online safety courses in this Level 3 Electrical Worker Safety Training Pack contain over 9 hours of CRITICAL safety training that all Electrical Workers should complete WITHIN 90 DAYS of starting a new job.

    • Electrical Safety Awareness for Construction (10-Min)
    • Electrical Safety for Construction (40-Min)
    • OSHA Focus Four: Electrocution Prevention for Construction(2-Hours)
    • NFPA 70E (2018) Electrical Safety for Supervisors and Managers in All Industries(2-Hours) - Earn 0.2 CEUs!
    • 100 Questions and Answers on Electrical Safety for General Industry (3-Hours)
    • Employer/Employee Responsibilities Awareness for Construction (10-Min)
    • Bloodborne Pathogens for General Industry (40-Min)
    • Lifting and Back Injury Prevention for General Industry (30-Min)

    Intended Audience

    Every worker who could potentially be exposed to electricity on a job site.

    Course Details

    Electrical Safety Awareness for Construction

    In this electrical safety awareness online training course, you will learn the basic properties of electricity, why electricity flow is hazardous and how to work safely around electricity with proper use of equipment. You will also be shown the legal requirements for ensuring safety to the highest possible standard in the workplace. When successfully finished with this online course, you will understand the dangers of electric shock and how to avoid injury or death.

    Electrical Safety for Construction

    This intermediate Electrical Safety online course teaches electrical safety concepts including the hazard of electric shock and 3 electrical hazard controls. This course explains electrocution and mild electric shock and what they can do to the human body. The three factors determining how severe an electrical hazard is include the amount of current (amps), the current’s path through the body and duration of contact. The goal is to reduce or eliminate situations where harmful electric current could travel through your body.

    Focus Four Electrocution Prevention for Construction

    This Electrocution Hazards online safety course is based on OSHA standards and addresses electrocution - when a person is exposed to a lethal amount of electrical energy. You will learn to recognize these dangerous situations and what to do to minimize or avoid them to be able to work safely. This course covers the electrocution hazards that result in the most common injuries and fatalities as documented by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. You will also learn the BE SAFE acronym: Burns, Electrocution, Shock, Arc flash/arc blast, Fire, Explosions, which are all common electrocution hazards.

    NFPA 70E (2018) Electrical Safety for Supervisors and Managers in All Industries - Earn 0.2 CEUs!

    This advanced safety course addresses the importance of electrical safety in the workplace under the NFPA 70E standard, and emphasizes the responsibilities of management to ensure safe working practices under the standard. Discussions include the importance of NFPA 70E, management responsibilities, the organizational structure of the NFPA 70E Standard, responsibilities, requirements of an electrical safety program, electrically safe work conditions, energized electrical work, shock hazard analysis and approach boundaries, arc flash analysis, additional requirements and personal protective equipment, all from a management perspective. The concepts covered are important for any industry where workers may be exposure to electrical current greater than 50 volts.

    100 Questions and Answers on Electrical Safety for General Industry

    This intermediate online course tests your knowledge in a wide variety of areas of working safely with electricity. The course will provide questions for you to review, with answers, and you will take a quiz at the conclusion of the course to ensure your safety success. The 100 questions on electrical safety training are broken down so that you can focus on the key terms and definitions for better understanding.

    Employer/Employee Responsibilities Awareness for Construction

    Do you know the importance of complying with OSHA’s guidelines in order to provide workers with a safe and sanitary working environment? Discover what your role is as either an employer or employee and learn the importance of accepting responsibility within the workplace, how to observe specific OSHA and PPE regulations and how to recognize and avoid workplace hazards.

    Bloodborne Pathogens for General Industry

    This Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) online safety course identifies three primary bloodborne pathogens, their hazards and what steps to take in the event of accidental exposure. You will be encouraged to increase your education on bloodborne pathogens by reviewing the reference guides 29 CFR 1910.1030. By the end of this online training, you will be shown how to avoid exposure to blood pathogens and where to go to report accidents and exposure incidents.

    Lifting and Back Injury Prevention for General Industry

    This intermediate online safety course offers training in back disorders, pre-lift considerations and proper lift technique. This prevention course will cover what employees should know before moving, handling and storing materials. In addition, you will be instructed on proper precautions, safe work practices and recommended lifting techniques.

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