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Road Construction Work Zone Safety Pack

    Road Construction Work Zone Safety Pack

    Course Overview

    Save $21 on our Road Construction Work Zone Safety Pack that contains ClickSafety's Top 3 online safety courses to help keep workers safe while working in road construction work zones. During peak construction season, approximately 20% of the U.S. highway system is under construction with more than 3,000 work zones. Motorists can expect to encounter an active work zone 1 out of every 100 miles driven on the nation’s highway system. More than 40,000 people are injured each year by crashes in work zones. Cones, signs and barricades won't keep workers safe - they need to be alert and vigilant. There is 1 work zone fatality every 8 hours, or 3 per day, with more than 160 work zone injuries a day as well. Commit to keeping road construction workers safe!

    Courses in this Safety Pack

    • Work Zone Traffic Safety Tips (20-min)
    • Work Zone Traffic Control (45-min)
    • Flagger in California (30-min)

    Intended Audience

    Any worker who participates in activities on or near a road construction work zone, including:

    • Road Construction Workers
    • Emergency Vehicular Response Workers
    • Utility Workers
    • Road Painting Workers
    • Signage Workers
    • Tow Truck Operators
    • Landscaping & Tree Removal Workers

    Course Details

    Work Zone Traffic Safety Tips (20-min) $20

    Work Zone Traffic Safety Tips is an intermediate online safety course that provides practical safety tips based on actual traffic situations from field operations. You will be informed of the common safety hazards that you could face in active traffic zones and what you could do to ensure your safety while working. This course demonstrates both good and poor traffic control applications and identifies a number of common safety hazards faced in active traffic zones. This course aims to provide the student with the knowledge and techniques needed to avoid and control hazards in traffic work zones. Specifically, this course covers traffic control devices, flaggers and other road hazards.

    Course Topics

    • Traffic Control Devices
    • Flagging
    • Other Road Hazards

    Work Zone Traffic Control (45-min) $20

    This is an intermediate online safety course that covers Work Zone Traffic Control. Find out how to promote the safety of workers and motorists while maintaining a smooth flow of traffic during highway maintenance and construction activities. The goal of this work zone traffic control course is to familiarize you with the hazards, the requirements, safe work practices and controls that will promote safety during construction and highway maintenance activities. You will also be encouraged to continue learning about hazards within the workplace by taking additional traffic control training courses and referring to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OSHA 29 CFR 1926.200).

    Course Topics

    • Introduction to Work Zone Traffic Safety
    • Fundamentals of Work Zone Safety
    • Traffic Control Plan
    • Work Zone Design
    • Basic Traffic Controls
    • Highway Traffic Engineering Controls
    • Highway Traffic Administrative
    • Work Practice Controls
    • Protective Vehicles and Equipment
    • Special Considerations
    • Supervisor Checklist

    Flagger in California (30-min) $55

    This certificate-level California-specific Flagger online safety course focuses on the specialized job function of flagging. Every day in California, construction projects require the use of flaggers to assist the motoring public in getting through construction zones safely and efficiently. This Flagger in California course will review all of the pertinent information and Cal/OSHA regulations related to flagging. Insufficient training can be costly to an employer, as in California the city fine for flagging without proper training is more than $600.

    Note: A practical demonstration of Flagger skills is also required.

    This Flagger in California online safety course will identify the tools of a Flagger in routine and emergency situations. This course outlines how a Flagger station is set up in both single and two-person flagging situations. This training will also identify work zone elements, and how flaggers are vital to the work and safety of all who work in a particular zone. Cal/OSHA requires that flaggers and supervisors follow regulatory guidance documents, and these requirements are provided in this course.

    Course Topics

    • California Flagger Training
    • Cal/OSHA
    • Flagger Overview
    • Flagger Stations
    • Flagger Techniques
    • Methods of Traffic Control
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