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Injury & Illness Prevention Programs (IIPP)

ClickSafety Launches IIPP Professional Services!

Jun 09, 2014

ClickSafety’s Professional Services now include Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (IIPP) designed to reduce and eliminate the number and severity of injuries and illnesses in the workplace.

Injury and Illness Prevention Programs have been recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as effective for both workers and companies, and are widely considered the foundation of creating an effective culture of workplace safety.

ClickSafety's IIPPs are company-specific programs that enable employers and workers to take a proactive approach to workplace safety and health hazards. Through ongoing collaboration and proven industry processes, IIPPs establish industry standards to identify and mitigate workplace hazards before workers are exposed to them.

ClickSafety's custom IIPPs include the discovery, development, documentation and implementation assistance of required safety and health program topics relevant to a specific company. IIPPs also include optional on-site auditing to identify potential hazards, customized training curriculums for workers, and ongoing IIPP updates to ensure that the program and documents evolve with the growth of a company.

"At ClickSafety, we are committed to providing the highest quality safety and compliance online training programs in the industry. IIPP assistance now means guiding our clients beyond training and providing critical solutions in support of their safety initiatives, goals and objectives. Injury and Illness Prevention Programs are a crucial element," says Brian Tonry, ClickSafety General Manager and Executive Vice President. "By putting in place a comprehensive and dynamic IIPP, companies may reduce the number of workplace injuries and illnesses as well as the potential financial burdens that come from unsafe conditions, behaviors and work practices. We're very pleased to offer this invaluable service to our clients."

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